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Strict QC
1 Salt Spray Test
Salt Spray Test Dec 13, 2016

Salt spray test use 5% sodium chloride salt concentration with GB/T2423 17-93 medium salt fog test standard(NSS) for testing, salt spray test standard is continuous testing for 96 hours, our LED industry lights through continuous 500 hours salt spray test, then the appearance of the radiator and lamp function, product structure coating all normal, so the corrosion resistance of lamps is strong.

2 Adhesion Cross-Cut Test
Adhesion Cross-Cut Test Dec 13, 2016

The main object of this text is the structural parts of LED Lights. All the electroplating and paint parts are tested before production.The plating layer and paint layer off less than 3% in the cross-cut area (100 lattice).

3 High Voltage Test
High Voltage Test Dec 13, 2016

Our LED lights belong the first series light,according to GB7000.1&IEC60958 standard, the street LED light had passed the text with AC1500V and 5mA leakage current.

4 Grounding Resistance Test
Grounding Resistance Test Dec 13, 2016

About the text result of our LED lights,the parameter as below:

a. AC working grounding resistance<4Ω

b. Safe working grounding resistance<4Ω

5 Power Test
Power Test Dec 13, 2016

According to GB7000.1-2003,IEC 60958 standard, All the LED lamps are texted with different voltage(95V/110V/220V/277V)

6 High&Low Temperature Test
High&Low Temperature Test Dec 13, 2016

We put the LED lights in the 60℃ or -15℃,turn up the voltage higher than the rated voltage, then switch on power for 24 hours.After turn on and turn off these lamps with 20 seconds for the interval by 100 times,our LED lights do not paint off, discoloration, cracking, material deformation etc., at the same time,them had passed the impact test.

7 IP65 Text
IP65 Text Dec 13, 2016

IP 65 text include IP6X text and IPX5 text

About IP6X: Our products don't enter the dust in the negative pressure

About IPX5: Water spray test.

8 Integrating Sphere Test
Integrating Sphere Test Dec 13, 2016

The integrating sphere test mainly includes luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering index, color difference, light efficiency, power and other parameters.We can accurately measure each item with pulse type integrating sphere.

9 IES Light Distribution Test
IES Light Distribution Test Dec 13, 2016

We used "EverFine" LED620 optical distribution meter to text the light intensity distribution and beam angle of LED module or LED lamp.We mounted these equipment by the standard of optical laboratory,so the test accuracy is high.

10 LED Light Aging Test
LED Light Aging Test Dec 13, 2016

Aging Test Duration Time: 24 hours

Aging Test Steps:

a. Connect to power or cut off power by 5 times(take 20 seconds for an interval).

b. Keep the lights shocking(take 2 hours for an interval)

Aging Test Results:Our LED lights didn't appear dead lights, dark lights, flashing, partial color and other undesirable phenomena in the ading text process.

11 Handing Weight Text
Handing Weight Text Dec 13, 2016

We used more than 4 times the weight of the lamp body as handing weight to text for 3 hours,our light body didn't drop.

12 Fixed Tension Test Of Power Line
Fixed Tension Test Of Power Line Dec 13, 2016

We do this texting according to IEC60958/IEC60227(H05 W-F or H05 WH2-F2)standard,the fixed tension of power can reach 300 pounds.

13 Simulated Transport Vibration Test
Simulated Transport Vibration Test Dec 13, 2016

Implement GB2423.10-2008 standard

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